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On the Trail of John Wesley

On the Trail of John Wesley

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John Wesley (1703-91) founded the Methodist movement, initially an offshoot of the Church of England, which grew into a major church in its own right. In doing so Wesley brought about the greatest religious revival of the 18th century. The name Methodism derives from the methodical approach Wesley adopted from the Bible for developing personal devotion. His decision to employ lay preachers and preach outdoor sermons on the Word of God to a mainly working-class population angered the Church of England. It led to a split and in 1795, after John Wesley's death, the Methodist Church was established. Wesley travelled over 250,000 miles across Britain, mainly on horseback, preaching over 40,000 sermons during his lifetime, often facing fierce opposition and persecution. He also spent two years in Georgia, USA, and was author and publisher of much religious material. His work and preaching was known to every branch of society. Today, the Methodist Church has spread to almost every country in the world with a membership of some 70 million. In this account, Keith Cheetham traces Wesley's life story and gives detailed information on important Methodist heritage sites and places visited by the great preacher and evangelist. Over 170 places to visit in Britain and Georgia, USA One general map, 7 location maps of Wesley's London, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and 1 of Georgia Line drawings plus cross-references to maps throughout text On the Trail of John Wesley is a thorough guide to the life and places connected with a man whose work and religious achievements changed the religious face of Britain and established a worldwide Methodist Church.
Title On the Trail of John Wesley
Author J. Keith Cheetham
ISBN 9781842820230
Binding Paperback
Author Bio Keith Cheetham has written two other books for the "On the Trail of" series. He was historical adviser to the producers of the forthcoming film, Mary Stuart, starring Glenn Close. He is chairman of a branch of the Marie Stuart Society, has written a play about Mary, Daughter of Debate, and has also written historical leaflets for the English and Scottish Tourist Boards.
Table of Contents MAP A - City of London - Wesley's 'Square Mile' MAP B - Scotland and Border Country Map C - Northern and Central England and North Wales Map D - Ireland Map E - South Wales, South West and Southern England Map F - Eastern England and Kent Map G - Georgia, USA Foreword Introduction Chronology of John Wesley and Early Methodism 1 - A Marriage Made in Heaven? 2 - Early Days at Epworth 3 - Schooldays in London 4 - Oxford and the Birth of Methodism 5 - Georgia 6 - The Aldergate Street Experience 7 - Bristol and Bath 8 - Birmingham, Black Country and the Wednesbury Riots 9 - Staffordshire, Shropshire, Peak District, Chesire 10 - Lincolnshire and Yorkshire 11 - The North-East 12 - The West Country, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands 13 - Matrimonial Instability 14 - Wesley's Chapel, London 15 - Scotland 16 - North-West, Cumbria and Isle of Man 17 - Wales and The Marches 18 - Ireland 19 - Middle England and East Anglia 20 - Home Countries and the South 21 - Eventide Useful addresses Biblography
BIC Subject Methodist Churches
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