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Quest for the Nine Maidens, The

The Quest for the Nine Maidens

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King Arthur went to Avalon with Morgan and her eight sisters. In this book McHardy traces similar groups of nine maidens throughout the ancient Celtic and Germanic worlds and far beyond. In Pictland, Wales, Ireland, Scandinavia, Gaul and Iberia the nine Maidens were known in mythology and as practising priestesses. As far away as Kenya the Kikuyu people claim descent from nine sisters, while a cave painting in Catalonia shows nine dancing maidens from almost 15,000 years ago. Weather-workers, shape-shifters, diviners and healers - the Nine Maidens are linked to the Old Religion over much of our planet.
Title The Quest for the Nine Maidens
Author Stuart McHardy
ISBN 9780946487660
Binding Hardback
Author Bio Stuart McHardy has written and lectured for many years on Scottish history and folklore and is also the author of Scotland: Myth, Legend & Folklore, and the children's book The Wild Haggis and the Green Faced Nyaff.
Table of Contents Dragonslayer; saints and goddesses; the nine maidens in Welsh tradition; sisters of Avalon; druidesses of Sena; sagas and sea spirits; muses and Maenads; the first nine?; magic use of nine.
BIC Subject Celtic religion & mythology
BISAC Subject RELIGION / Ancient
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