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Lord James

Lord James

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Opening in the Danish dungeon where James raves at the end of his days, the book tells the story of his life from childhood to the betrayal by a spurned lover that leads to his imprisonment. Born in a climate of religious schism the young James Hepburn, Lord of Bothwell, soon finds himself divided between his loyalties and his conscience. Maturing rapidly into a brilliant young man, he is called home from Paris to take his place as Lord Bothwell. Life had taught him to be a fierce warrior and a passionate lover, and James's fate is set in motion when he meets his Queen. A love springs up between them that will overcome religious divides, spill blood, and haunt Bothwell until his dying day.
Title Lord James
Author Catherine Hermary-Vieille
ISBN 9781906817541
eISBN 9781909912861
Binding Hardback
Author Bio Catherine Hermary-Vieille was born in Paris and studied oriental languages in the United States. As an author she has won le Prix Femina in 1981 for Le Grand Vizir de la nuit, the Prix de Masions de la Presse for A wild love and the Grand Prix RTL for L'infidele. She currently alternates between writing biographies and novels, and is living in the United States whilst still making regular appearances on French TV and delivering lectures at universities.
Back Cover Text

Told from his final days in a Danish dungeon, James Bothwell’s tragic story, centring on his intense relationship with Mary Queen of Scots, unfolds. Set against the backdrop of French and Scottish history, in a climate of revenge, ruthless killings and religious strife, James finds himself divided between his loyalties and his conscience.

The life of the fierce warrior and passionate lover is followed from his troubled childhood to the events of his final betrayal. Yet it is his meeting with the beautiful Mary Stuart that would ultimately secure his fate. Whilst Scotland, England and France grapple for power, a tragic destiny awaits the lovers, with consequences that would alter their country forever.

This story is one of devotion, desire, and a love that was to divide Scotland, spill blood, and haunt Bothwell to his dying day. It tells of the extraordinary destiny of a young man who experienced the worst setbacks and the most dazzling success, a dramatic course of events which pushed the young couple mercilessly towards the abyss.


The reader of Lord James will gain unique insight from Catherine Hermary Vieille’s research. She shows her intimate knowledge of James Hepburn, the fourth Earl of Bothwell when she describes his early life, his upbringing, his periods spent in France, and his service and loyalty to Marie de Guise when Regent. Ultimately, she reveals his absolute devotion to Mary Queen of Scots, whom he married, their tragic separation, and finally his cruel death. SIR ALISTAIR BUCHAN-HEPBURN, from his Foreword to Lord James

An enthralling and gripping story. HUGH GRANT

BIC Subject Historical fiction
BISAC Subject FICTION / Historical
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