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Importance of Being, The: Observations from my Anecdotage

The Importance of Being

Observations in my Anecdotage

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Life is there for the taking. We can choose to take it, or leave it to float by as it will. If we have the confidence, we can reach out and grab it.

Life is divided into four sections: birth, adolescence, maturity and old age. Writing from ‘the final quarter’, John Cairney looks over each section of his life and draws wisdom from the places he has been, the people he has met and the events he has experienced.

He’s been shot at (twice). Survived a hurricane at sea and an earthquake. He has taken risks and been derided as well as applauded. He is an extraordinary survivor. His attitude has been that ‘life is there for the taking’, and he has engaged with it passionately throughout his 84 years.

The Importance of Being reveals the private, more reflective and unexpectedly philosophical side of a man better known for his public face in a long theatre, film and television career. Exploring notions of love and courage, interspersed with dry Glaswegian humour, this book will make you laugh and ponder the complexities of life at the same time.

Nothing lasts forever, certainly not life itself. In these supposedly civilised and sophisticated times, no one appears to accept the moment for the present it is and revel in the free gift that is the day at hand.
Title The Importance of Being
Subtitle Observations in my Anecdotage
Author John Cairney
ISBN 9781910021088
eISBN 9781910324134
Binding Paperback
Author Bio JOHN CAIRNEY, ‘The Man Who Played Robert Burns’, is an actor, writer, lecturer, recitalist, director and theatre consultant, football fan and most recently, has exhibited as a painter. In a career that spans over half a century, John Cairney has performed in nearly every media, including television, theatre film and radio. He is perhaps best known for writing and starring in the 1968 Scottish Television adaptation Burns. He currently lives in Glasgow, Scotland.
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