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Guga Stone, The: Lies, Legends and Lunacies from St Kilda

The Guga Stone

Lies, Legends and Lunacies from St Kilda

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In 1930, the last inhabitants of the isle of St Kilda were evacuated to the mainland. Shortly afterwards, following several acts of vandalism by local fishermen, Calum MacKinnon was sent back to the island to guard against further damage.

Alone on the deserted island, he begins to re-imagine the conversations and stories from his years in the island port of Village Bay. He also recalls some of the experiences of its people in exile on the mainland, showing their difficulties in adjusting to a new way of life, and a diet no longer based mainly on seabirds.

The vivid prose is interspersed with poetry and illustrations, creating a colourful and insightful fictionalisation of life on remote St Kilda.

Title The Guga Stone
Subtitle Lies, Legends and Lunacies from St Kilda
Author Donald S Murray, illustrations by Douglas Robertson
ISBN 9781910021132
eISBN 9781909912427
Binding Paperback
Author Bio

DONALD S. MURRAY comes from Ness in Lewis but now lives in Shetland. A poet, author, teacher and occasional journalist, Donald’s books range from in tone and content from The Guga Hunters and And On This Rock (Birlinn) to Small Expectations (Two Ravens Press) and Weaving Songs (Acair). He has been awarded the Jessie Kesson Writing Fellowship and the Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship. He has also been shortlisted for the Saltire First Book Award and the Callum Macdonald Memorial Award.

DOUGLAS ROBERTSON comes from Dundee but now lives in Hampshire. Artist, teacher and occasional poet, he has worked on numerous collaborations with poets and authors throughout his career. His work is held in public collections throughout the UK.

Back Cover Text

Place one guga [almost fully grown gannet chick] and one stone in a pan of water and boil. Once you can pierce the stone with a fork, the guga is ready for eating…

Meet Calum.

In 1930, the last remaining St Kildans evacuated their isolated outpost 100 miles off the west coast of Scotland. Calum returns a few years later, alone and troubled, the sole guardian of the islanders’ abandoned homes. Haunted by the memories that linger there, he begins to re-live the experiences of residents long past.

Acrobats, airmen, cormorants, cragsmen and angels leap, climb, shimmer and swoop through the pages of The Guga Stone.

With subtle humour, Donald S. Murray mixes mythology, fiction and history to recreate St Kilda’s tales and legends for our time.

Reviews This is a wonderfully eclectic collection of poems and prose by a gifted Scottish writer THE GUARDIAN
BIC Subject Myth & legend told as fiction
BISAC Subject FICTION / Cultural Heritage
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