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Is the Baw Burst? A Long-Suffering Supporter's Search for the Soul of Scottish Football

Is the Baw Burst?

A Long Suffering Supporter's Search for the Soul of Scottish Football

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In May 2009, the SFA commissioned a review of Scottish football. In December 2010, the second and final part of the review, penned by former first minister Henry McLeish, was unveiled. Iain Hyslop read this review, and felt that it omitted several key points, so he embarked on journey which would take him to 44 football matches, from Peterhead to Berwick and Dingwall to Dumfries, across a single season. His travels have led to the production of this book — the unofficial review of Scottish Football. He covers everything from the weather to the pies, giving comments, criticism and suggestions for improvement as the voice from the terraces. The focus here is on the fans’ experience of a football match. Hyslop takes a step back from the political and financial issues which engulf Scottish Football to present his vision of the beautiful game as it should be.
Title Is the Baw Burst?
Subtitle A Long Suffering Supporter's Search for the Soul of Scottish Football
Author Iain Hyslop
ISBN 9781908373229
eISBN 9781909912137
Binding Paperback
Author Bio Iain Hyslop is a football fan and has been all of his life. From as early as he can remember, he has been obsessed with the beautiful game and this obsession continues unabated to this day. Neither the glorious failures of the national team or the usual disappointments for the club sides in the annual European sorties have dimmed the enthusiasm. He has followed Scotland and one of the Old Firm clubs since childhood and is a fully paid up member of the Scotland Travel Club.

Born in Glasgow, in the year the Old Enemy won the World Cup, Iain grew up in the east end and served an apprenticeship in Govan Shipbuilders on the Clyde. Nowadays, he operates as a Health and Safety professional for one of the UK’s largest construction firms and is a tutor at Strathclyde University. He lives in Prestwick with his long suffering wife Debbi (she hates football) and their two Tibetan Terriers.

Back Cover Text 1 football fan
1 football season
42 football grounds

Written by a football fan, for football fans, this is the unofficial review of the state of Scottish football.

Spotting sizable gaps in the review by former First Minister Henry McLeish, Iain Hyslop provides a detailed look at the beautiful game in Scotland.

Every Scottish league ground is visited in a 44 game tour that samples the football, the stadiums, the finances and the pies!

Each chapter covers a game from the 2011 season and portrays the experience in a friendly, casual style that resonates with supporters from all over the country.

Does Scottish football have a future or is the baw burst?
BIC Subject Football (Soccer, Association football)
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