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On the Trail of King Arthur: A Journey into Dark Age Scotland including illustrations, maps and itineraries

On the Trail of King Arthur

A Journey into Dark Age Scotland

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King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is one of the world’s greatest legends. Everyone knows the story of the boy who pulled the sword from the stone, who was mentored by the great wizard Merlin, who broke the sword and retrieved it from the Lady of the Lake, who was finally betrayed by Guinevere, leading to his final battle and his death on the Isle of Avalon.

Yet little is known of the truth behind the great story. This book enters the realm of conjectural history – the blurred middle ground between fact and fiction. Recorded events are linked to more shrouded possibilities and then compared to imprints on the landscape – the aim being to create a starting point for archaeological investigations, and to finally discover the real man known as ‘Arthur’.

The book includes detailed itineraries and maps, allowing readers to visit the locations and discover the clues for themselves. It is part of a project to develop an Arthur trail across Scotland, including the intention to build working recreations of 6th century settlements and lifestyle.
Title On the Trail of King Arthur
Subtitle A Journey into Dark Age Scotland
Author Robin Crichton
ISBN 9781908373151
eISBN 9781909912403
Binding Paperback
Author Bio For 40 years Robin Crichton ran Edinburgh Film Studios and was one of Scotland’s leading film producer/directors, specialising particularly in the international coproduction of films for cinema and TV. He served as Scottish Chairman and UK Vice Chairman of the Independent Programme Producers Association and latterly as coproduction project leader for the Council of Europe.

He studied social anthropology at Paris and Edinburgh Universities, undertaking fieldwork amongst American Indians and in a mountain village in Anatolia. At Edinburgh, he met and married his first wife Trish while she was doing an honours degree in archaeology. Political problems between Pakistan and China in the Hindu Kush led to the abandonment of their joint phd and a change of career into filmmaking.

Widowed and retired, he is now remarried to Flora Maxwell Stuart and they divide their time between Traquair in the Scottish Borders and Bélesta la Frontière in the Pyrénées Orientales where he is Président of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Association.

He is author of over 100 film scripts and his previous books include:

Who Is Santa Claus? – the story behind the legend. Canongate 1987.

Silent Mouse – the story behind the writing of Silent Night. Ladybird 1990.

Sara – (bilingual French and English with Brigittte Aymard) – a story of a missing child and gypsies in the Camargue. Hachette 1996.

Monsieur Mackintosh – (bilingual French and English) – C.R. Mackintosh’s life as a painter in the Pyrénées Orientales 1923–27. Luath Press 2006.
Back Cover Text The legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is perhaps the longest running soap opera in history. But is there a real story behind the legend?

This book presents a line of new archaeological enquiry and a trail where you, the reader, can be the detective, and follow the clues for yourself.

Who was the real Arthur? As the Welsh speaking commander of a crack cavalry unit, did Arthur achieve something which the Romans had failed to do in their entire 350 years of occupation? Did he broker a peace with the Southern Picts? With his northern frontier secure, did he then ride south to take command of 'The Great Army' and halt the Anglo Saxon invasion in its tracks?

This book throws light on the darkness of 6th century Britain. It reveals a brilliant military and political strategist, a Christian crudader and a Celtic hero who for two generations brought a lasting peace to a country devastated by war and pillage.
Reviews An excellent starting point for those who wish to explore the facts behind the legend – SCOTTISH FIELD
BIC Subject British & Irish history
BISAC Subject HISTORY / General
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