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A Basic Income Handbook

A Basic Income Handbook

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In this informative book, Annie Miller not only explores the idea of basic income: she exhaustively explains what it is and what it would mean to implement, using extensive economic data. Miller starts off from a broad, existential position, outlining why the current system is no longer suitable for the times and needs to change. Her proposed solution is a society with BI, which she first outlines abstractly before diving into its internal workings, explaining who would be eligible for BI, what would happen to the rest of the welfare system, and other crucial details. Miller backs up her statements with substantive economic research and analysis. She ends with a section on how to achieve a society with BI, giving examples of pilot schemes elsewhere and discussing the politics behind implementation. Thus she brings the reader full circle from aspiring to a BI society, to seeing what it would take to reach it.

Title A Basic Income Handbook
Author Annie Miller
ISBN 9781910745786
Binding Paperback
Author Bio

Annie Miller spent the major part of her working life in the Department of Economics at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh teaching mainly business economics, econometrics, mathematics and statistics for economists. In 1991, with her colleague Douglas Mair, she co-edited a book comparing different schools of economic thought in the late 20th century (Mair et al, 1991).

In 1984, Annie was a co-founder of the Basic Income Research Group (BIRG), which changed its name in 1993 to the Citizen’s Income Trust (CIT). She has been a trustee since 1989 and is currently its Chair. She contributes regularly to its Citizen’s Income Newsletter. She gives talks to groups around the UK, and has presented papers on BI at conferences here in the UK, on the continent and in North America.

In January 2014, her local MSP, Jim Eadie, hosted a seminar and round-table discussion on ‘Beyond Welfare Reform to a Citizen’s Income’ at the Scottish Parliament, at which Annie and the late Professor Ailsa McKay were keynote speakers. In her personal capacity, she presented written evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Expert Working Group on Welfare (2013) and to the Smith Commission (2014). Since politics in Scotland is now different from elsewhere in the UK, her fellow trustees at CIT encouraged her to set up a sister organisation in Scotland, the Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland.

Annie became a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in 1978. Her faith, her belief in ‘that of God in everyone’, and her commitment to the Quaker testimonies (values) of peace, equality, integrity and simplicity inspire all her work.

Back Cover Text

The current social security system is unwieldy, complex, unjust and unfit for purpose. If we were designing a system now from scratch for the 21st century, we would not end up with our present system. It is a Gordian Knot that cannot be unravelled or reformed. It must be cut through and replaced by a system fit for the 21st century. Basic Income is just such a system. It redefines the relationship between the state, society and the individual.

This innovative book provides a new perspective on Basic Income – a regular, unconditional payment to every citizen resident in the country. This comprehensive book has been rigorously researched and thus will appeal to academics and policy-makers, as well as to the general reader who is concerned about the current state of social security in the UK. Find out how Basic Income can make a difference to your life.


In this vital contribution to the debate about how we ground our welfare system more squarely on social justice, Annie Miller has done Scotland and the UK a service. It combines personal reflections with passion and technical adeptness, making the case for a Universal Basic Income powerfully in the process. Amongst many other achievements, this work presents the underarticulated feminist case for change – a vital component of the debate that should be more central. To be highly recommended. Anthony Painter, Director of the Action and Research Centre, Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce

BIC Subject HPS Social & political philosophy
BISAC Subject POL029000 POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Social Policy

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